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Digital Bounce Media


Professional Video Commercial
($750 and higher)

Unlock the essence of your Company and its Brand through our expertly crafted 15-60 second Digital Story production. Designed to exceed your expectations, our professional commercial brings your vision to life, leaving you delighted and confident in its power to captivate a broad audience of potential customers. Experience the perfect blend of creativity and effectiveness, ensuring your company garners the desired attention it deserves. How does it feel to witness your vision come to life in a professional commercial? We’ll show you!

Videographer Services
($100hr 2hr minimum)

Ready to capture the heartbeat of your business event like never before? At Digital Bounce Media, we go beyond ordinary videography services. Our skilled videographers, or even a full videography team upon request, will expertly film and record your event. Witness the contagious excitement of individuals eager to shine on camera, becoming a vibrant part of your company’s story. As they relish the opportunity to be part of your event, their appreciation and admiration for your brand grow, undoubtedly adding to the tapestry of your company’s triumph. Isn’t it time to seize these moments and elevate your company’s success?

($2500 and higher)

Are you prepared to unveil the essence of your company’s journey like never before? Prepare to be amazed as Digital Bounce Media meticulously crafts a captivating 5-8 minute Mini-Documentary, an eloquent spotlight on your brand’s narrative. Immerse viewers in an intimate and profound exploration of your company’s story, providing a firsthand encounter with the path carved by the visionary Owner/Owners and the brand itself. This immersive experience fosters a sense of trust and genuine connection, propelling potential customers to your doorstep, while seamlessly channeling the desired revenue stream. Isn’t it time to let your story shine and ignite a journey towards unparalleled success?

Short Film/Movie
($5500 and higher)

Ready to elevate your brand’s impact to new horizons? Rely on Digital Bounce Media’s expertise to craft a mesmerizing 20-30 minute Short Film intricately woven around your company’s narrative. In this cinematic masterpiece, your brand takes center stage, basking in the spotlight, and receiving an expansive spectrum of exposure. This transformative experience has the potential to catalyze a shift from a local presence to a resounding global resonance. Are you ready to witness your brand’s story unfold in a cinematic journey that transcends borders and captures hearts?take the Brand from local to global.