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Digital Bounce Media


Professional Video Commercial
($750 and higher)

We will produce a 15-60 second Digital Story of the Company and it’s Brand, that fulfills the satisfaction of the client. The client will take delight in seeing itself in a professional commercial, and have immediate confidence that the commercial will bring the company the desired attention of many potential customers.

Videographer Services
($100hr 2hr minimum)

Client will get a videographer or videography team (upon request) who will film and record the client’s business event. Client will be pleased to see how excited people are to be on camera and be a part of the company’s event. They will appreciate and honor the company for allowing them to be in attendance, assuring the company’s success.

($2500 and higher)

We will produce a 5-8 minute Mini-Documentary that highlights the company’s Story. Viewers get a personal indepth look into the company’s Story. They will hear and see the journey of the Owner/Owners and it’s Brand. They will gain trust and connect with it. This will drive customers to the company and bring in the targeted revenue.

Short Film/Movie
($5500 and higher)

We will use our experience to produce a 20-30 minute Short Film that is created around the company’s Story. The company’s Brand will be the direct highlight of a Short Film, giving the company a wide range of exposure. This can take the Brand from local to global.